Welcome to the dotCommunity documentation.

dotCommunity is a toolkit that provides large numbers of websites, centralised and administered within the same web service. The toolkit was developed by Cambridge Open Systems.

This documentation for dotCommunity is provided as a reference manual which comprises most of the sections of this site, and a set of  Helpsheets.

The reference manual is broken down into a number of sections:

The first section provides information about dotCommunity Concepts and an explanation of the terminology used in this documentation.

There are sections dedicated to each kind of administrator, covering their role within the system and the functionality they have available to them:

Within dotCommunity every website has access to a large number of pre-configured web applications, all of which are documented in the Applications section.

All websites also have the ability to create free-form custom web-pages, which is documented in the section covering the Content Management System.