Buckinghamshire County Council

Steve Howell, Culture and Learning Web Development Manager

"We have worked with Cambridge Open Systems since 2002. It started with a project to provide local community organisations with an easy facility for them to create their own websites, and to provide an online directory of these groups and voluntary bodies.

"We really value the way COS has worked with us and quickly established a good working relationship with individuals. This enabled us to get a fast positive response because they value us as a client and they are always keen to help us move the solution forward. By working smartly and efficiently we are able to get best value from the limited resources a local authority has. Once we have agreed the brief they just get on with it and usually faster than we think. The system we now have is flexible, can be managed by a small central team, and is accessible to users with little prior experience of what is a feature-rich online system."

London Borough of Camden

Alasdair Mangham, Head of Info Systems and Development

"Since we started our collaboration with Cambridge Open Systems we have worked together to involve the community in major consultations. dotConsult is our tool of choice for building our online relationship with local people. It has proven to be a cost effective means of consultation as well as a simple-to-deploy, robust and easily updatable tool for our team to use within our existing work practices."


Fraser Henderson, National Coordinator

"As a national project, VOICE is very high profile and was funded by the Department of Communities and Local Government. It was essential for a project of this nature that we worked with people who could deliver on time and to budget. Late delivery of government projects is often noted and Cambridge Open Systems was chosen because it had a track record of delivering the ENCORE project. They were given challenging deadlines which they met and they continue to be an exceptional partner. They are fast to respond, forward-thinking, (providing ideas about how to develop the system further), and have built a system that grows and changes with our needs."

Note: The management of the VOICE project has subsequently been taken over by Cambridge Open Systems.