dotConsult for Administrators


The dotConsult for administrators course provides the background theory and the hands-on practical experience needed to run a dotConsult installation. This course will introduce participants to the techniques required to manage a dotConsult system. Additionally, it covers many of the features available from how to communicate with consultation builders and audiences, to how to derive more from the system.

This course provides more detail than, and builds upon, the dotConsult introductory course.

To improve on the skills learned on this course attendees should consider the following additional courses:

  • Best Practice Guide to dotConsult
  • Specific dotConsult application courses, e.g., using Forums

The above courses are tailored to an individual client's need. To find out more information or to request these courses please email us: [email protected]

Learning outcomes

Participants will:

  • Become confident at creating and improving the quality of their consultations
  • Learn how to use and be proficient in the administration interfaces of the system at the highest management and the individual consultation levels
  • Be able to collect the information they need to process all of the input gathered throughout the consultation
  • Understand the use of the Content Management System to raise the issues and subjects being discussed and guide users through the consultation process

By the end of this course attendees will be able to:

  • Apply for, approve, and set up new consultations and invite people to groups
  • Create, update, enhance, and publish content in the CMS to aid the consultation delivery
  • Communicate with, configure, improve, manage, and control all of the panels on their system
  • Create and manage consultations of various depths

Skill levels

  • Attendees must be comfortable using computers and the internet


  • Room with screen which can take standard monitor VGA input
  • Internet connected machine per course attendee

Course length

The course length is two days consisting of:

  • One day classroom based, delivered at your offices or at ours (subject to an additional charge)
  • One day mentoring and coaching at your offices