What we can do for you

Your organisation's own FaceSpace, Linkedup or Paxo?

Cambridge Open Systems uses expertise in the online community and consultation markets to deliver individual solutions to clients.

We have vast experience in community consultation and Web 2.0 markets. We develop products and services for our clients in the e-democracy & e-consultancy areas enabling them to engage and interact with audiences, ranging from political constituencies, clubs, societies, focus groups, and customers.

We offer a range of solutions for those wishing to build online communities or networks for professional bodies or groups, so that their constituents share knowledge and participate in decision-making. We provide the online collaboration tools to facilitate these activities.

Our platform has been built over five years and it continues to advance; the core software provides a stable server-based solution that can be tailored and enhanced for clients' requirements. This results in a powerful database-driven solution that is available for deployment across a wide range of project types.

Human collaboration is powered by the exchange of knowledge or information and today people expect to be able to do this on and off-line. We make it possible for groups to use online networking and connect together to access information, participate in decision-making, and share knowledge globally 24/7. We make it easy for like-minded people to come together through a simple to use web interface, useable on all common browsers – there is no installation of software required by the user.

Our solutions are suitable for:

  • Business collaboration within organisations and between companies
  • Charities and Non Government Organisations (NGO)
  • Community organisations, ranging from local schools to the camera club
  • Governments and authorities requiring e-democracy and voting
  • Knowledge transfer networks and ideas exchanges
  • Market research companies or pressure groups
  • State, area or local groupings requiring community consultation
  • Trade and membership organisations