Survey Tool

Our dotCommunity and dotConsult platforms include a powerful Survey tool.

The tool is simple enough to use if you just want to quickly ask a handfull of users one or two questions, yet powerful enough to create complex multi-section branching questionnaires where you are expecting thousands of answers.

Surveys can be open to the public, or restricted to a specific set of members of your site.

Key Benefits

  • Tight integration. Shares the same users, administrators, groups, administration interface, and design as the host system.
  • Access control. You can control precisely which users, or groups of users, can answer each survey.
  • Sections. Split the survey into logical groups of questions rather than being forced to have one per page, or all questions on one page.
  • Branching. Control which sections of a survey are displayed based on answers given to previous questions.
  • Simple online analysis. Get an overview of the answers to all questions from within the tool.
  • Export data for offline analysis. The CSV export function is used successfully with Excel and Snap for data analysis.
  • Wide range of question types. And further types can be added as bespoke development.
  • Simple to use. Create powerful surveys without needing a training course!

´╗┐Question Types

  • Free text, with long or short answer. Optionally these can use a full WYSIWYG editor, which also allows respondents to upload images and documents in their responses.
  • Multiple choice. Use a pop-down list, or checkboxes where users can specify one or many responses. Optionally display an "other" box allowing text input alongside a multiple choice response.
  • Grid. A set of questions each of which have the same range of available answers. Displays the questions on the left edge of a grid with answer options along the top. Typically used for scoring a number of items on a points scale.
  • Date. Input is checked to ensure that the date is valid.
  • File upload. Files are uploaded and stored securely on the system for the administrators to view.


If you're interested in a demo of our survey tool, please get in touch.