dotConsult suite

dotConsult provides a powerful and cost effective way to deliver a long term e-Consultation solution.

It provides all the tools necessary to present users with information through published website content and email while requiring no HTML skills to produce.

Reporting on user input and activity is provided for directed interaction applications, and moderation tools are provided where needed. The system allows administrators to set up a variety of applications and features, allowing consultation of users through free form, moderated, closed and open discussion.


dotConsult combines a broad range of functionality focused on effective consultation and data collection, including:

  • open and moderated discussions
  • powerful, branching questionnaire builder
  • online blogging
  • integrated management of consultation participants
  • data download into Excel (CSV format)
  • integrated consultation directory

Example Survey  Example Consultation

Local Government Use

dotConsult has been deployed by several Local Authorities in England as part of their Duty to Promote Democracy, and their Duty to Involve. See our Case Studies and Testimonials for further information.