dotCommunity suite

dotCommunity is a powerful web-based application suite for the development of online communities.

As a community web site tool, dotCommunity can be deployed in a wide variety of roles. These range from local groups such as parishes or voluntary organisations, to online focus groups in an interactive, deliberative form.

Ease of use with control

dotCommunity provides a simple intuitive interface to manage, moderate, and obtain feedback from the communities using the system. Through the use of its variety of communication and reporting tools it allows administrators to stay in touch with and informed about every group.

For each community comes the use of a powerful, simple to use content management system to publish their own pages, and a host of over 15 applications which can be enabled with a single click.

New communities can be created with just a few clicks. Each community is informative and useful with a tailored design as soon as its created, giving a new user chance to understand and learn about the software before needing to get their hands dirty.

Look and Feel

With dotCommunity you are free to have designs as varied as your imagination, and with the theme picker you are able to provide as many out of the box designs for your communities as you desire. For the more web-savvy community administrators there is the capability to play with the CSS to create their own custom look and feel.

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Low Cost

From the operating system to the web server and toolkit, all software components used to run dotCommunity are open source. There are no licensing costs associated with its use.

Depending on usage one Linux server is capable of running thousands of communities.

Continuous Development

The open source nature of dotCommunity means that the software is under continuous development, ensuring that it remains at the forefront of website software.

Local Government Use

dotCommunity has been deployed by several Local Authorities in England as part of their Duty to Promote Democracy, and their Duty to Involve. See our Case Studies and Testimonials for further information.