Rob Denison

Rob founded Cambridge Open Systems Limited (then Xarg Limited) in 2002 after working at BT Research labs and Vocalis Ltd.

At BT, he was involved in solving real world mathematical and hardware interfacing problems. At Vocalis he researched, designed, and implemented one of the company’s most successful products, allowing them to enter markets unavailable to its competition. He managed development from conception to completion, including the mission critical software used for running automated reception systems. Rob brought his experience of demanding technical development, international and UK customer relationship management and onsite deployment of large international projects (Telmex − Mexico’s largest telecommunications provider) to Xarg Limited.

He led the team that developed a range of online tools for the Practical e-Democracy in London project and established the company’s relationship with GfK NOP, the leading market research organisation, providing cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative surveys and fact-based consultancy. Rob advises one of the largest speech recognition companies on how to enhance their human and technical support processes for one of their leading clients.