Joe Oldak

At Acorn Computers Limited, Joe redesigned and repurposed the company’s external web communications.

Predating the prevalence of CMSes, the site was groundbreaking in that it was based on an HTML template system using Perl/CGI to populated bare pages of content into the site layout. In addition, Joe built a web-based internal communication tool from the ground upwards. Moving to Cambridge Consultants Limited he worked in the wireless group on technologies such as DECT, Bluetooth and ZigBee. Joe used his technical prowess to design and write life-critical systems for embedded systems that monitor and run hospitals. At Cambridge Open Systems, he provides client-facing support and leads on many development projects.

He manages the team that ensures the clients’ servers don’t fail and as a regular site visitor, organises hardware setup. He designed and built the process that remotely controls routine maintenance such as managing data backups, checking server health and site integrity. Leading the company’s professional response to requests for new enhancements or changes, he also assists clients to specify projects, as well as writing and delivering the software to them.