COS News Update

dotCommunity 1.8

Initially developed while building new sites for Camden and Hertfordshire, dotCommunity 1.8 combines the best functionality of dotConsult and dotCommunity, and includes a range of new features, which can be selecively enabled based on the type of deployment. The highlights include:

  • Messaging system - allowing users to send private messages to each other.
  • User commenting - visitors can leave comments on any page.
  • Any user can now upload images and documents as attachments to their posts - e.g., in the discussion forums, page comments, or in response to survey questions.
  • Improved e-petitions system.
  • Enhanced survey tool with new question types.

This release gives us the flexibility to deploy dotCommunity as either a community system or as a consultation system or as a hybrid of the two. We intend to upgrade all clients to this release in the near future – watch this space.

Cloud Computing

ElasticHosts LogoWe have recently moved our hosting to ElasticHosts and joined the world of cloud computing. This is a very flexible solution allowing us to scale servers up or down when needed, as well as being more secure and stable. It also enables us to improve our green credentials as instead of having separate physical servers for each client, they have a virtual server each which migrates between different physical machines and is less power hungry.

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