dotCommunity Concepts

dotCommunity is a web service that provides free, high quality websites for community groups. These can be any kind of online community from local groups such as parishes or voluntary organisations, or focus groups, to private organisations.

dotCommunity has been successfully used by private and public sector bodies for a variety of uses, from creating traditional websites for companies, through consultative roles, to highly interactive sites for special interest groups.

Every website on dotCommunity is managed through an easy to use web interface, and no HTML or software development knowledge is required. As an administrator of a website on dotCommunity you will have a powerful Content Management System (CMS) and a wide range of community website management tools. You will also have access to a wide range of web applications, all of which can be enabled with a single click.

dotCommunity is open source software, which is maintained and supported by Cambridge Open Systems.

dotCommunity is the technology behind Voice,,, Project Involve, and SurreyCommunity. Each of these is a separate instance of dotCommunity, with its own set of community websites.

Each dotCommunty instance has its own A-Z Directory of community websites, organised by area and type, to make it easy for people to find local community groups.