Even the smallest can have a VOICE

National project driven by dotCommunity

Implemented and managed by Cambridge Open Systems and based on the dotCommunity technology, VOICE provides many Local Authorities and community organisations with a portal to independently maintained community sites. VOICE is an ideal way for authorities to give their community groups a website without the need for their own management overhead. A powerful web-publishing toolkit, dotCommunity allows groups to create free websites - and develop them using tailored tools and templates. As well as posting content, news, documents and rich multimedia material, users can add interactive eParticipation and eConsultation options to local sites to provide blogs, forums, surveys and petitions. Because VOICE has a United Kingdom wide rollout, the load on the system is very high. dotCommunity is not only capable of dealing with such a high level of usage but also has a failsafe deployment with 100% multiple redundancy — we believe that this is unique on a totally open source-based platform.

Fraser Henderson

VOICE National Coordinator

"As a national project, VOICE is very high profile and was funded by the Department of Communities and Local Government. It was essential for a project of this nature that we worked with people who could deliver on time and to budget. Late delivery of government projects is often noted and Cambridge Open Systems was chosen because it had a track record of delivering the ENCORE project. They were given challenging deadlines which they met and they continue to be an exceptional partner. They are fast to respond, forward-thinking (providing ideas about how to develop the system further) and have built a system that grows and changes with our needs."

VOICE operates in partnership with ENCORE, the Neighbourhoods and Parish Councils Project, the Local e-Democracy Project, the Practical e-Democracy in London Project, the East of England Regional Assembly and CASWEB. Cambridge Open Systems is in partnership with ICELE (the International Centre for Excellence in Local E-democracy).

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