What did Two Jags ever do for your community?

More than the Mirror (but not Sun) would have you believe!

We believe in giving credit where credit is due: during 2001/2 the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister was instrumental in driving forward the APLAWS Pathfinder Project to develop web standards and an Open Source Web Content Management System that could be freely adopted by any local authority in the UK.

This became the shortened APLAWS Project and was taken forward as part of the PM’s National Projects Programme, becoming the foundation of the Content Management Strand of the Local Authority Websites National Project from April 2003.

Apart from the financial and specific support provided by these two central government funded projects, the APLAWS concept also had a momentum of its own and now has an established user group which has already made considerable strides in moving the software forward.

Cambridge Open Systems is pleased to be the lead on this project and in 2008 will be working with local authorities to provide support for existing installations and help in moving the underlying technology on.

Alasdair Mangham

on behalf of the APLAWS community

“Members of Cambridge Open Systems have been involved with APLAWS work since 2001 working as a consultant and developer. We are now moving into a new phase where the project needs increased momentum. Cambridge Open Systems will take up a more central role and comes to this by recommendation from both the local authority and commercial parts of the community. We are looking forward to working with them in 2008”.

Hoo Ray
Punting on the Cam