Empowered Communities

Community groups are people with a shared interest or clear purpose. Communities are more useful and effective if they have a modern, powerful, website that is under their control. 

dotCommunity is Cambridge Open Systems' community empowerment and engagement solution. Sophisticated, but still easy to use, it allows large numbers of community groups to have a website on one centralised service. 

dotCommunity puts site owners in control and enables them to change any aspect of their web presence and add online services as needed. Created through an administrator defined template, each website has access to it's own set of more than fifteen pre-configured applications. For additional flexibility all content is managed through a rich content management system, which uses hierarchical privileges to control change. The comprehensive membership administration, communication systems and software tools are able to meet any community’s needs.

Once you have provided your communities with a complete web presence, you can use the same service to engage with them through their own site, or through consultations that you can implement alongside.

To find out more, download our Community Group case study to find out how Buckinghamshire County Council do it.

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