Innovation provides for 50 years of success

dotConsult provides underlying consultation technology

GfK NOP is one of the world’s leading market research organisations and has been in the business for 50 years, providing cutting-edge quantitative and qualitative surveys and fact-based consultancy. Cambridge Open Systems provides the dotConsult tool to drive their online research projects which increasingly use multi-modal approaches, mixing online, telephone and personal interviewing.

In the past 12 months, GFK completed over 9 million online interviews in 32 countries. Currently they have over 2 million online panelists in the GfK NOP Global Consumer Panel, which covers 27 countries.

Cambridge Open Systems works with GFK NOP, and has provided consultancy to GfK NOP which has assisted with the dozens of proprietary panels that enable their clients to communicate with customers, potential customers or competitors’ customers.

These panels are managed by one of the most sophisticated panel management systems in the world and are hosted on our dedicated computer installations using the most advanced technology infrastructure available. The data collected online is reported through state-of-the-art, real-time web reporting tools provided by Cambridge Open Systems. The panels have been used for all forms of quantitative research including multi-media projects, real-time diary studies and complex conjoint analysis programmes as well as for idea testing, NPD, advertising, pricing, brand research and customer satisfaction. GFK NOP have led the way in utilising these panels for qualitative research including blogs, bulletin boards and online focus groups.

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